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Customer Service

Rules and conditions for rendering legal services

Data on the legal entity providing services

Name of organization: LLC “LF” Financial Rights”- Limited Liability Company” Law Firm “Financial Rights”. Postal and legal address: Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland. Contact phone: + 41445510546 Switzerland Email:

Description and cost of legal services for the recovery of your capital.

Financial Rights try to adapt to all clients and so that we will not charge any amount until you recover your invested capital, additionally the only payment that you make for the power of attorney for litigation and collections that has a value of € 106 each country. You must have a meaning that it is not the whole procedure. Subsequently, Financial Rights will NOT charge any amount of money until we have made the recovery of its capital, the collection for the legal, administrative and other expenses for 18% of the amount already recovered. Service for the recovery of your capital- This is a procedure for challenging money transfers by issuing bank (The bank that issued), which is stipulated by the International payment systems Visa, MasterCard (Maestro), bank transfers (wire). For a positive result of challenging a transfer of money the issuing bank, the amount of payment without additional order from the recipient (acquiring bank) is debited from the latter and returned to the payer. Financial Rights Provides legal services for the recovery of client funds on the basis of the contract, once concluded with the client, and the technical task, according to the program of recovery of funds will proceed to the payment of the services acquired.
  • 18% of the sum that we recover
  • complete handling of cases;
  • Support and advice 24/7;
  • provision of a personal manager.
  • Collect and send documents to the bank 72 hours after signing the contract.
  • Writing the claim by the lawyer of Financial Rights;
  • Priority in the compilation and presentation of documents for challenged transactions, as well as providing consulting and information services.
  • Terms and conditions for the provision of legal services

    The law firm Financial Rights, in accordance with the client’s instructions, provides legal services in the recovery of the money. The legal services provided, include 2 parts:
        • Compilation and send of documentation to challenge transactions. This part includes:
          • Conducting an analysis of documents provided by the customer.
          • Determination and formation of a legal position in the case for compiling the necessary documentation.
          • Implementation of collection and formation of evidence base.
          • Drafting an application for protesting transactions in the form of a bank or a payment system.
          • Drafting of the application in free form with a description of the reason for challenging transactions according to the rules of international payment systems.
          • If necessary, drawing up secondary documents when the bank refuses to conduct a protest against transactions.
          • Carrying out correspondence with the bank, providing the necessary documents.
          • Conducting correspondence with the seller / sales point, providing the necessary documents.
          • If necessary, to expedite consideration of the case, drafting requests to the supervisory authorities and financial regulators.
          • In case of violation of the established terms for consideration of the customer’s request by the bank, drawing up and sending additional documents.
        • Provision of consulting and information services of recovering money. This part includes:
          • Providing instructions to the customer on negotiations with third parties, including with banks and the seller / sales point.
          • Transfer to the customer information received from third parties, including from the bank and the seller / outlet.
          • Informing the client about sending documents to the address of the seller / outlet.
          • Informing the customer about sending documents to the bank.
          • Monthly informing the customer about the timing of the case.
    Consultation of the client is carried out until the return of the disputed transactions to the customer or the refusal of the bank / payment system for the third time in the account in the application for a refund, whichever comes first.

    Description of procedures and methods of ordering, paying, receiving, returning services

    To order legal services of “Financial Rights” for returning money, you can call +41445510546 Switzerland, or leave an application on the website and place an order when talking with the manager. The achievement of an agreement on the organization of the procedure for the return of customer funds and the provision of consulting services is confirmed by the signing of the contract and the terms of reference provided by the contractor. Legal fees of the Financial Rights legal office in recovery of money. The legal fees of the Financial Rights legal office will be made through banking transactions. The services are considered rendered from the moment of return of the disputed transactions to the customer or the refusal of the bank / payment system for the third time in the account in consideration of the application for the return of funds, whichever comes first.

    Conditions and restrictions on the provision of services

    The law firm “Financial Rights” provides legal services only in cases of lost investments, scams, broker scams and cyber scam.

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